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Monday, 22 May 2017

Tuesday Update On Reach For The Stars Episode 201-203

Vihan mom telling vihan that she hasn’t called you and yet you. Prabu is telling everyone that with the politics today he doesn’t know who to vote for. Gunjan asks rachna if vihan called. Vihan is leaving in his car and going some where. Rachna is about to open the window but then she stops but finally opens the window and vihan is standing down there she freaks out and closes the window. Rachna sees vihan but by that time he is leaving and they both remember the times they had with each other.

Tuesday Update Of Twist Of Fate Episode 398-399

Tuesday Update Of Twist Of Fate Episode 398-399

Pragya asks Abhi to host the function. Abhi refuses. Pragya says if you don’t agree then I will make Tanu meet that girl. Abhi agrees. Pragya asks Ronnie to give diary. Vijay tells Raj that she seems to be very happy and it will be fun to die.He asks them to give 5 lakhs rupees. Raj agrees. Vijay asks Tanu, not to interfere in his work.