Zeeworld Lies of the Heart Update of the week

Zeeworld Lies of the Heart Update of the week

ust when it looked like ishan and urmi have lost the case,radha and kanchan appear in the courtroom gaurav presents all the cctv footage as evidence.Shashi learns the so called money she was paid is fake.

Tuesday 16
Samrat burns down mr and mrs.Tiwari's house and gets punished.6 years down the line,shaurya wins a student of the year award and we get introduced to ishan's parents.

Wednesday 17
devishankar gives samrat a taste of his own medicine.Ishan's parents make it clear to him that,he can get married to any woman,just not widows or divorcees.Gaurav encourages ishan to tell urmi how he feels about her

Thursday 18
Samrat walks around to explore mumbai and unknowningly,he comes across urmi's restaurant.Urmi finds out about ishan's monthly flower bill and strangely enough its the same flower that get delivered to her every morning.

Friday 19
Samrat pursues sanaya,not knowing that sanaya is friends with urmi.Damini tells urmi to stay away from ishan.