Monday Update On Reach For The Stars Episode 267-269

Kalpana lost her memory and he face has been changed.
Another family member tells to Kalpana that she is Suaana and she is a part of their family.
Kalpana tells them that she does not think her name is Suaana.
Kalpana tries remembering her memories.
Neetu gets happy as she got back her bungalow.
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Neetu tells Pakhi to forget Raghav as he has gone.
Vitthal is very disturbed and crying.
Kamla Maa tells Vitthal that god will send Raghav and Kalpana back.
Someone fives money to doctor so that he can mention Kalpana has Suaana.

Suhana’s dad comes to kalpi and says you’re looking better these are the flowers for you. I want your life to be colorful like them. He takes the fruits and says I will make you eat just like I used to do in childhood. He eats with her.

Nurse says suhana ma’am you are lucky to have a caring dad like him. He says m7y daughter is caring too.

Kamla and vitthal are home and really upset for kalpi. Kamla burns her hand and says vitthal used to care for me a lot when kalpi was here now he is lost somewhere. kamla says don’t worry vitthal kalpi will be back. He says when / you should get used to of living without her. When will she come and sit next to ? When will god listen to you ? Give me the lunch box I am going for work. he leaves. Kamla says kalpi come back please. Manda comes in and asks how are you kamla tai ? I know you must be upset. No one can do anything for her. I have talked to the women of chowl. If kalpi doesn’t come back what will happen to our money ? Kamla says my kalpi will come back. Pakiya says leave tai. She leaves.