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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Friday Update On Reach For The Stars Episode 279-281

Lisa W | 15:21:00 | See Recent comments!

Aryan comes home. He asks Sanjay to come and play chess with him. Sanjay says his father and himself use to play chess like this. He says in his heart this is the right time to talk to him. He tells Sanjay that he wants say something. Sanjay says he wants to say something. He is so happy his father converted their friendship in a relationship. He tells Aryan to go and get ready that he will play chess with him like his father. He then have of mine and says it in his heart he should say all this to Suhana.
Suhana comes to Kamla that she is going to tell Aryan everything? She asks if that is right? Kamla says absolutely right. Suhana leaves.

Friday Update On Twist Of Fate Episode 404-405

Friday Update On Twist Of Fate Episode 404-405

Janki and Sarla are worried for Bulbul. Janki says we shall take her home and she will be fine. She says don’t know what is written in her destiny, and says accident happens always with her. Sarla says she used to talk then, but now. Janki promises Bulbul that she will make her favorite food and make her eat with her hand. Sarla cries hearing her.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Monday Update On Reach For The Stars Episode 267-269

Kalpana lost her memory and he face has been changed.
Another family member tells to Kalpana that she is Suaana and she is a part of their family.
Kalpana tells them that she does not think her name is Suaana.
Kalpana tries remembering her memories.
Neetu gets happy as she got back her bungalow.
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Neetu tells Pakhi to forget Raghav as he has gone.
Vitthal is very disturbed and crying.
Kamla Maa tells Vitthal that god will send Raghav and Kalpana back.
Someone fives money to doctor so that he can mention Kalpana has Suaana.