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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Friday Update On Twist Of Fate Episode 334-335

Pragya is crying in the room and thinks how to find out if Abhi came back home or not. She thinks to call Abhi and then thinks to control on her emotions. She thinks to enquire with the family members about Abhi. Aaliya and Tanu come to Abhi (Abhi might be in his office) and ask to open the door. Aaliya provokes Abhi. Tanu says Abhi told that he will never give me tension. Aaliya says Abhi will open the door.

Friday Update On King Of Hearts Episode 426-427

Friday Update On King Of Hearts Episode 426-427

Later Alex welcomes Sid and Roshni and says this is the last part of the game. She asks them to play truth and dare? She starts the game with Sid and asks him to kiss her (Alex). Roshni says Sid will not kiss you. Sid refuses to kiss her and says he will leave the game. Alex’s goon try to strangulate Roshni. Sid agrees to kiss her and goes near her. Roshni nods no and cries. Alex looks at Sid. The goons hurt Roshni and strangulate her with belt. Sid says no.

Friday Update On Sands Of Time

The celebration of karvachauth begins with the whole female members carrying their fast where Nethra tries to emotional black mail Samar telling that she is also fasting but Samar makes it very clear that he would not like to continue this relationship. Nethra fumes up and tells that she shall fast till he does not feed her by his own hands.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Tuesday Update On Twist Of Fate Episode 318-319

Dadi says she wants her grandchild, but from Abhi’s wife, not from a second woman. Tanu’s mum asks Dadi to mind her language. Dasi tells Tanu’s mum she’s taking her side as if she’s done some great work. She kept relationship with a married man and they know what such relationship is called. Tanu’s dad asks her to think twice before saying. She might have to regret later on. What she is calling illegitimate is legitimate. Abhi and Tanu have always been loving each other. He married Pragya later. Dadi asks Abhi if that is true. Abhi says yes, they used to love before his marriage. But whatever he did, he didn’t do it purposely. He was intoxicated and situation was such. He doesn’t do such thing with any girl otherwise. It’s true that he used to love Tanu and he wanted to marry her. When Dadi chose Pragya, he went to her, but she chose her career. Tanu says this is getting worse. Her truth will come out like this.

Indian celebs, Gurmeet Choudhary And Debina Bonnerjee Are Now Parents (Photo)

The question have been; when are they planning to have a baby? Well, the good news is that they are bringing home two cute daughters and they can't keep calm. 

Sunday, 9 April 2017

#BBNaija winner has Emerged, see the shocking winner here.

Wow the BBNaija 2017 winner has Emerged finally. This was a tough one between Tboss, Efe, Bisola and Marvis who all had a lot of fans, people even say Bbnaija 2017 trend more than MMM, well I couldn't argue though. The competition was tight, even the Rivers state government were all out for Marvis, buy for influence, we have to give it to Efe, he got the support of almost all our celebs including wizkid, Mr Eazi and the rest.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Come and see the Mercedez-Benz Mayweather bought for his son's 16th birthday

Undefeated retired boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather who is famously known for his spending life style gifted his child, Zion Mayweather, with a brand new Mercedes-Benz Car for sixteenth birthday yesterday. 

WOW: See how much you have to Pay Beyonce for any Advert

As per report on social media reach by D'Marie Analytics, Beyonce is the most significant celebrity via social media. Evidently a single post from the "Lemonade" star worths more than $1 million worth of advertising value. 

Monday Update On Reach For The Star Episode 120-122

Monday Update On Reach For The Star Episode 120-122

Pakhi is in love with Raghav. It is Kalpi's first day at Raghav's office and she is exceptionally cheerful to see herself in such a big office.

Raghav Singhania works out his arrangement to destroy Kapoor's family value. He has employed Pakhi as manager and Kalpi as Pakhi's assistant. Raghav orders Pakhi to work on his new projects and asks her not to give anybody a chance to enter his cabin as he is busy with some work. He Tells Pakhi to take Kalpi's help as she is her assistant.